Pennies for Petunia

By November 16, 2017 May 14th, 2019 News

Fall season is here and River Glen is off to the Horses. Residents had an opportunity to visit Casey’s Safe Haven ( A Holistic Home Rescue and Sanctuary ). Casey’s Safe Haven is a Horse, Donkey and Pony rescue farm. It is a 22 acre facility that takes in these animals and gives them the most attention and care they deserve.

Residents had an opportunity to visit with the animals, pet them and listen to the incredible journeys they came from. The residents were so touched how this safe haven cares for them that they wanted to something for them.

In the up and coming months we will be doing a fund raiser for PETUNIA the donkey. Petunia s well as all the other animals are on natural no grain diet. They have recently discovered that sweet potatoes are a remedy and good source of nutrition for the animals.