How seniors benefit from volunteering

By November 13, 2018 May 14th, 2019 News

Senior living communities have a lot to offer seniors—but one opportunity may surprise you. Many residents become active volunteers. Seniors have time and talent to offer, and by joining together with other residents, can make an impact with their volunteering. The opportunities for getting involved can be wide-ranging, from helping young children read, to working in a communal garden, to gathering items for charity.

If Mom lives in an independent living or assisted living community or is thinking of making a move, encourage her to think about getting—and staying—involved. These activities aren’t just beneficial for those being helped, but they’re beneficial for her, too. Here’s how:


Mom may be encouraged to go on walks or participate in group activities in her assisted living community, but volunteering adds an extra measure of involvement. Donating perishables to the foodbank or walking around a museum as a volunteer can help Mom stay active and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness that will help stave off injuries or diseases as she ages. Better still, when she is volunteering, she may not even notice she is exercising.

  1. Offers social benefits

Social interaction is essential to healthy aging. Volunteering is a great way for Mom to connect with other residents and to meet new people, too. Through these interactions, you may notice her self-esteem improve as she flourishes socially within the community.

  1. Provides a sense of purpose

Through her volunteer efforts, Mom can build connections with more people, both within and outside the community. Volunteering can instill a sense of purpose in her because she knows she’s being relied on. And, after the task is done, she will also gain a sense of accomplishment for her role in serving others.

  1. Prevents isolation

Donating time is a great way to enhance Mom’s social health. Being surrounded by others who share her volunteer interests can help reduce the risk of isolation and the depression and illnesses that often accompany it. Volunteering can give her a reason to get more involved in the community to share her wisdom and talents.

Help Mom make a difference in her community—and her own well-being—by encouraging her to volunteer. Life Care Services communities encourage opportunities that help residents stay involved. Find the community that fits Mom’s needs and lifestyle today by contacting us.