Doing what’s best for dad and managing family dynamics.

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If Dad’s health or capabilities are declining, it may be best for him to get the care he needs in an assisted living community setting. For some families, that can be a difficult choice to make. But while you may be on board about getting him the assistance he needs, are your siblings?

Denial can be a tricky thing to handle, especially when it comes to deciding what’s best for a loved one. Your siblings may not recognize the level of care Dad needs or may not agree on how best to get it. Disagreements also can arise over the responsibilities that each sibling will have or the costs of his care—but it’s essential to discuss the next steps with your family members.

First and foremost, keep your conversations focused on Dad’s safety and care. Try these 5 tips for discussing Dad’s situation with siblings who may be reluctant to see his actual needs.

1. Plan a meeting.

Don’t blindside your siblings about the need for Dad’s care by simply bringing it up in an everyday conversation. Plan a time for you and your family members to meet so you can express your point of view and listen to what they have to say. During this meeting, talk about Dad’s current state of health, his projected health and how that may affect Dad’s quality of life, then discuss why these may mean he needs more care. You may need to have more than one conversation to allow everyone to feel like their opinions are heard.

2. Ask for help.

Be specific about Dad’s needs and your suggestions when speaking with your siblings. If they’re denying that he needs help, provide them with examples. Ask them to step in and help with simple things, such as tidying up his house or taking him to the grocery store. As they participate in these activities, they may begin to recognize changes in Dad that they’d not seen before.

3. Speak to a doctor.

If you can’t get past your siblings’ denial, it may be time to get a doctor involved. See if you can obtain permission—such as a health care power of attorney— to review Dad’s medical records. Discuss what’s in Dad’s medical reports and what the doctor suggests. Bringing in the opinions of a third-party medical professional often helps those in denial understand your concerns about Dad’s health.

4. Visit a senior living community.

Do you sense your siblings are resisting Dad’s move to assisted living because they hold outdated impressions of what that setting looks like? Ease their fears by scheduling a tour of the community with your siblings so that they can become familiar with a modern assisted living community. Let them know that they have a say in where Dad lives.

5. Secure mediation assistance.

If it’s been difficult to get your point across or come to a final decision, professional mediation may be the next step. There are many different mediation services that can help to lead you and your siblings to a resolution. Start with a compassionate geriatric care manager who can answer questions and allay fears.

In emotional situations such as Dad’s next life step, it’s important to separate your expectations from those of your siblings. They may be coping differently than you during this time, so being accepting, understanding, and open is essential to the decision-making process.

To learn more about the communities we manage or to request a tour, contact Life Care Services.

Meet Jena, Director of Health Services

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When considering a place for your loved one’s care, the aesthetics are important and the enriching activities are terrific, but the most important factor should be the person who is navigating the health and well-being of the residents. Jena has lived in Geneva for 31 years and has been taking care of local seniors for over 28 years – the last 10 at River Glen of St. Charles. To know her is to trust her…and love her! Jena says she loves her job and especially enjoys seeing her residents thriving every day while enjoying life and having fun! Call us at 630-584-0352 to see our beautiful community and to meet Jena.

Meet Elaine F.

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Elaine was born and raised in Chicago. At age 27 she moved to Lyons, Illinois with her husband Bob. She and Bob have 4 sons (Mike, Patrick, Dan, and Tom), 3 daughters in law (Pam, Carole, and Stephanie), and 7 grandkids (Brian, Peter, Elizabeth, Paul, Jackie, Jake, and Max). After 49 years they started snowbirding in Brooksville, Florida and eventually moved there full time for 6 years. After her husband of 58 ½ years passed away, Elaine joined our River Glen community. Elaine was on a bowling league and loves to cook. Her specialty is spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce! Elaine says the best part of living at River Glen is the people she’s met and the friends she’s made.

Pennies for Petunia

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Fall season is here and River Glen is off to the Horses. Residents had an opportunity to visit Casey’s Safe Haven ( A Holistic Home Rescue and Sanctuary ). Casey’s Safe Haven is a Horse, Donkey and Pony rescue farm. It is a 22 acre facility that takes in these animals and gives them the most attention and care they deserve.

Residents had an opportunity to visit with the animals, pet them and listen to the incredible journeys they came from. The residents were so touched how this safe haven cares for them that they wanted to something for them.

In the up and coming months we will be doing a fund raiser for PETUNIA the donkey. Petunia s well as all the other animals are on natural no grain diet. They have recently discovered that sweet potatoes are a remedy and good source of nutrition for the animals.


River Glen of St. Charles 5th Avenue News

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5th Avenue has been very busy embracing the world! In March we visited Ireland. We ate our fill of corned beef, played a new card game called Clover All Over, and watched some amazing Irish Dancers.

We then “flew” to the land of love… Italy! We made flags out of pasta, sipped on Italian coffee, and made our own version of stained glass windows.

Next we went ‘south of the boarder’… Mexico! We’ve made Mexican wind socks, maracas, and tasted a variety of Mexican dishes.

Poland was a huge success as we had Mary, whom is a caregiver and is from Poland, come in full authentic clothing from Poland and also brought in some of her beautiful table runners, dolls, some carved woodwork and much more.

You can look forward to more special events coming your way as we make our way to the land down under. ‘Till then, safe travels!

River Glen of St. Charles Volunteer Spotlight – Tia D.

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Following is volunteer spotlight from the latest edition of Rediscover Life, the monthly newsletter for River Glen of St. Charles.

Meet Tia D!

Every Wednesday morning Tia volunteers for 2 hours in 5th Avenue. She does everything from singing, playing games, going on bus rides, chit chatting, to helping with art projects. She even organized the 5th Avenue supply closet!

Tia has always had a special bond with seniors and truly enjoys every minute she spends at River Glen. The residents of 5th Avenue are lucky to have her! She lives in Geneva and is the mom to two beautiful boys: Parker and Quinn.

River Glen of St. Charles Resident Spotlight – Terry D.

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Following is resident spotlight from the latest edition of Rediscover Life, the monthly newsletter for River Glen of St. Charles.

Terry D., Our Own “League of Their Own”

Terry D. is one of the Canadians who came south to play in the AAGPBL (All American Girls Player Baseball League).

Terry was a solid catcher for the Red-Wings and a fan favorite. This Red-Wing was a hustler and she had a cheerful personality. She also spent some time as a utility infielder and filled in wherever the team needed her. Before coming to the league Terry played on a Canadian National Championship Team.

During her playing days she was a store clerk and like most Canadians she enjoys watching Ice Hockey and playing basketball, bowling, skating, going to movies and photography.

Feeling Safe at River Glen of St. Charles

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Following is a note from Executive Director, Kristin Landahl, from the latest edition of Rediscover Life, the monthly newsletter for River Glen of St. Charles.

Feeling Safe

In speaking with a resident, I asked her what she likes about living at River Glen. Her response was, “I feel safe.” Safe can mean different things to different people as safety comes in a wide variety of forms.

We make the residents feel safe by knowing their names, their routines, their families. We have a warm and friendly environment here that makes our community feel safe.

Recently, we added Accushield, the new sign in and out kiosk at the front desk. I know it’s not quite as easy as just walking in the door or signing your name on a sheet of paper. However, the bene ts are much greater. For one thing, by having all our home health guests sign in and out, we know exactly who was seen every day and we’ve increased the report outs to the nurses. That increases resident safety.

Another great benefit of this system is knowing that all our vendors and home health providers are licensed, bonded, and background checked. What a relief to know that all of these providers are being held to the same level of vetting that our staff is before they are hired.

The next big piece of our safety puzzle is having nurses in the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The nurses will be able to keep an eye on every resident in our building, provide assessments, and help to prevent issues from getting out of hand.

Safety is a big deal here at River Glen. We want all our residents, staff, and families to not only feel safe, but to be safe. After all, “safety doesn’t happen by accident.”