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If we can see into the future…

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Predicting the future has always been a risky business. Ancient oracles whose predictions turned out to be false didn’t last long. TV meteorologists who forecast floods and snow days that never happen see their ratings fall. So while we’ve identified four senior living trends for 2021 and beyond, don’t throw us into a volcano if they don’t all pan out. After all, no one saw the pandemic coming. But how the senior living industry has responded to it has helped bring the future of senior living into focus. Let’s take a closer look.

2021 and Beyond: The Future of Senior Living

Rightsizing for your next chapter…

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Most older adults know a day will come when it’s time to downsize. Some people dread it. Others take it in stride as a necessary step to the lifestyle they want. Whichever way you look at it, downsizing — or rightsizing your life — can tug at your heartstrings and play with your emotions. To help you get through it without feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips for dealing with the emotions of downsizing.

Managing the Emotions That Come With Downsizing



It’s never too late to learn new tricks!

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Most of us appreciate the importance of physical wellness both now and as we age. Intellectual wellness too has garnered more attention as we learn about the effects aging can have on our cognitive functions. But what many of us never consider is our emotional wellness and our ability to reduce anxiety, boost happiness, and enjoy sharper mental focus.

Yet, within the ever-growing list of apps with which you can decorate your home screen are a slew of mental health apps that can help all of us in our quest to achieve emotional wellness and improved mental health. Each of these apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Click here to see our favorites:

Celebrating 99 years of life! Happy Birthday Evelyn!

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We were so happy to celebrate Evelyn’s 99th birthday at River Glen!

After the festivities of this big day, we received this lovely letter from Evelyn’s daughter:

To All,

What an absolutely beautiful 99th birthday celebration day my mother had today.
Thank you so very much for making this all possible!!!! Thank you for all the things you did to make is special!!!!
My family cannot stop talking about how wonderful my mother looked today, she was just glowing with happiness and pride.
She sure had a full day and it will be a day we will all remember.
What we now look forward to next year when we can plan her 100th birthday celebration!!!!
Again, we are truly grateful for having this opportunity to celebrate mom’s birthday with her.


Evaluating Your Senior Living Options: Rental Communities

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If you’ve been considering a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, you’ve probably noticed that the options are vast and vary. It can seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you even start?

A good place to begin is by looking at two of the most popular choices – Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs) and rental retirement communities.

While both types of independent senior living communities can offer similar benefits in the way of fitness and wellness programs, dining options, housekeeping and social, recreational programs, rental retirement communities don’t typically provide access to a full continuum of health care services like a Life Plan community.

However, more and more rental senior living communities are now providing higher levels of care, including assisted living and memory care – without requiring an entrance fee or long-term financial obligation. Many seniors find them attractive for the choice, flexibility, and control over how and when health care services are structured, scheduled and delivered.

What is a Rental Senior Living Community?

Senior independent living rentals are considered less expensive than Life Plan communities because they don’t require a sizable entrance fee upfront.

A rental senior living community typically offers apartment-style living for independent, or mostly independent seniors. It requires a resident to sign a lease and pay a security deposit, sometimes called a community fee, which may or may not be refundable. As well, a resident doesn’t have to meet medical and financial eligibility criteria for residency that’s required at a Life Plan community.

However, your rental fee can be increased when a lease is renewed. But on the flip side, there’s no long-term commitment at a rental senior living community. If you decide to leave the community, you may do so without much of a financial sacrifice.

Fees for Health Services at Rental Communities

Like Life Plan communities, rental retirement communities can offer higher levels of care such as assisted living and memory care. Historically, most stop short of offering an on-site healthcare center for skilled nursing and rehab, although there are some that do.

A Life Plan community requires a substantial entrance fee, which helps offset the future costs of health care if needed, plus an ongoing monthly fee. On the other hand, a rental senior living community’s fees for health care services are based on the needs of each resident. It’s pay as you go. That means if your health needs change, your monthly fees will also change, as you’ll be charged at market rates for each care service you receive.

The upside is that if you never need these services, it doesn’t affect your monthly fee and you’re not paying for them upfront. A potential drawback is that if your health needs change and the community doesn’t provide the level of care you need, such as long-term care, you’ll have to pay to bring these services into your home or move to another community.

What’s Right For You?

When considering your senior living options, it’s important to be well informed. Many favor Life Plan communities for the peace of mind of knowing that they have guaranteed care for life. But if you prefer convenience and flexibility, and don’t find an entrance fee to be appealing, a rental retirement community may be the best choice for your needs.

As you explore your options, use our Find a Community locator tool. With over 140 rental and Life Care communities around the country, Life Care Services is sure to have the right option for you and your family.

Evaluating Your Senior Living Options: Rental Communities

Thank you!

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We want to appreciate all of our community partners!  From our local hospital, Northwestern Medical Delnor Hospital, to our visiting physicians and therapists.  Thank you to the trucks that deliver the food to our door and the police and fire department for always being at the ready.  To the local skilled nursing facilities we work with as we care for our community and the community-at-large that remembers all of the wonderful people who live and work at River Glen, thank you.  We look forward to open doors and warm hugs again soon!



To our families and community at large:

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We are following guidelines put forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Illinois Department of Public Health IDPH) and Life Care Services, our management company. We will now be implementing several extra health measures to protect our residents, staff and others entering our community. Effective tonight, March 12, 2020 at 8:00 PM, River Glen will be closed to visitors. The only people who will be allowed in the building will be staff and those that are medically necessary (like doctor’s visits, PT, etc.). Please see the attached letter with further details.

If you do your loved one’s laundry, drop off medications, etc., you can still do that. However, you will be stopped at the front door. We will pick up and drop off the items to the apartment on your behalf and bring them to you at the front door.

Please also note that we are changing all exterior locks on the building. Once this restriction is lifted by IDPH, we will provide you with updates on when we will return the front entrance to the Entrance key.

Thank you all for your understanding as we carry out this mandate.


May your days be merry and bright….

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River Glen of St. Charles was honored to partner with LivingWell Cancer Resource Center to sponsor a family this Christmas season.  Our staff, residents and our resident’s families came out in full holiday force to make all these wishes come true!

Our Fifth Avenue Thanksgiving Feast was fun for all!

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Thanksgiving is for gathering around a table with loved ones for a time of feasting, counting blessings and celebrating those who are important in our lives.   We love to celebrate Thanksgiving in our Fifth Avenue neighborhood with our residents and their loved ones!  It’s a special day full of food and great fellowship with our residents, their families and our staff.

The spirit of gratitude was in the air!